New Competitors On The Block? Customer Satisfaction Surveys To The Rescue!

Competition is healthy, so they say. But what happens when your business is really thriving, and suddenly a new competitor, or ten, is offering exactly the same thing you do in a more attractive way? Stress and panic attacks are certainly not healthy responses. Instead, there’s a more constructive way to approach this: customer satisfaction surveys. In this post, we explore what they are and how they can actually help to give you a boost against your competitors.

How Customer Satisfaction Surveys Give You The Competitive Edge

Customer satisfaction surveys will help you get to know your customers, their buying habits, and how their needs and preferences are changing. Maybe there is a new payment method they prefer that your competition offers and you do not. In customer satisfaction surveys, participants are asked a series of strategic questions, and their responses provide businesses with quality data that’s easy to interpret and inform decision-making. The surveys are usually done anonymously and can cost a fraction of regular market research.

Customer satisfaction surveys will also help you to avoid losing staff members to competitors. Find out if your staff are happy with their wages, working conditions, bonuses, benefits, working hours and more. If your competitor offers specific benefits that your staff are looking for, they are likely to move on to something new and rewarding unless you can upgrade your working conditions to meet their needs before it’s too late. Stay one step ahead of the competition and ensure that your business constantly meets the market’s demands.

Additional Benefits

Customer satisfaction surveys also provide the following benefits:

-Reliable results

-Quick & easy to complete

-Valuable customer insight

-Know your staff better


-Friendly approach

-Stay ahead of competitors

How To Get These Surveys

Research Online assists companies with customer satisfaction surveys to gain useful insight into their customers’ behaviour and spending patterns as well as what they expect from brands they engage with. Increase customer and staff loyalty and stay ahead of your competition with our anonymous, strategic and reliable customer satisfaction surveys that put you in touch with FMCG consumers or those in your database.

To find out more about our surveys and market research, waste no time, contact us here.