The Biggest Influencers To Customer Satisfaction Surveys In This Century

Consumer attitudes and behaviours are changing faster than we can say “Please take this survey”. And simultaneously, digital platforms and research technologies are advancing at an equally rapid pace. Gone are the days when customer satisfaction surveys took the form of a guy with a clipboard roaming the streets or malls hoping that someone will be polite enough to fill out a form. The process is now faster, more attractive, multimedia compliant, and produces better results. Here are some of the biggest trends in customer surveys.

  1. Time Is Everything – Seize The Micro-Moment

Consumers in the digital age have very short attention spans. Many are multi-tasking, browsing the Web at work, or scrolling on their phones while on the treadmill. The term micro-moment has been coined to describe those short moments in which customers want to find out a piece of information or complete an action online. Customer satisfaction surveys should be short and to the point in order to receive the consumer’s full attention during that meaningful moment. Any longer, and chances are that they won’t complete your survey.

  1. Multiscreen Compatibility 

More than 80% of the global population owns a smartphone. And in many cases, this is in addition to other devices such as a desktop PC, laptop or tablet. Research shows that consumers often begin an activity on one device and then continue on another device. For this reason, any business wanting to get consumer feedback must use technology that is compatible with multiple devices so users can seamlessly transfer their activities and enjoy the survey experience in any format.

  1. Better Technology, More Relevance 

Digital marketers now can access customer data in a way they never did before, which is influencing the effectiveness of customer satisfaction surveys in a big way. You can now add a prompt to your website that asks customers to complete a survey after they’ve just visited your site, so the content is fresh in their minds, it’s relevant, and it’s targeting them while they’re still on the device. This leads to better opening and completion rates.

  1. Advanced Design Tech

If your consumer survey lacks design innovation, you’re likely to fall far behind, as digital users today expect the wow factor with every experience. Boring spreadsheets will quickly scare people away. Instead, impressive graphics, easy-to-click buttons and user-friendly design are the way to go. Keep it simple, and keep it attractive.

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